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Publications from consortium members using iLOVECLIM

Nota Bene: Publications listed here are either published, accepted for final publication or preprints.


  • Aurélien Quiquet and Didier M Roche (2023). Investigating similarities and differences of the penultimate and last glacial terminations with a coupled ice sheet – climate model. Preprint. Discussion started: 15 August 2023 [open access logo]
  • Frank Arthur, Didier M Roche, Ralph Fyfe, Aurélien Quiquet and Hans Renssen (2023). Simulations of the Holocene Climate in Europe Using Dynamical Downscaling within the iLOVECLIM model (version 1.1). Clim. Past, 19, 87–106 [open access logo]
  • Nathaelle Bouttes, Fanny Lhardy, Aurélien Quiquet, Didier Paillard, Hugues Goosse, and Didier M. Roche (2023) Deglacial climate changes as forced by different ice sheet reconstructions Clim. Past, 19, 1027–1042, [open access logo]


  • Pepijn Bakker, Hugues Goosse and Didier M. Roche (2022). Internal climate variability and spatial temperature correlations during the past 2000 years. Clim. Past, 18, 2523–2544[open access logo]
  • Huan Li, Hans Renssen and Didier M. Roche (2022). Comparison of the green-to-desert Sahara transitions between the Holocene and the last interglacial. Clim. Past, 18, 2303-2319[open access logo]


  • Quiquet, A., Roche, D. M., Dumas, C., Bouttes, N., and Lhardy, F. (2021) Climate and ice sheet evolutions from the last glacial maximum to the pre-industrial period with an ice sheet – climate coupled model. Clim. Past, 17,pp 2179-2199, [open access logo]
  • Kageyama, M., Harrison, S. P., Kapsch, M.-L., Lofverstrom, M., Lora, J. M., Mikolajewicz, U., Sherriff-Tadano, S., Vadsaria, T., Abe-Ouchi, A., Bouttes, N., Chandan, D., Gregoire, L. J., Ivanovic, R. F., Izumi, K., LeGrande, A. N., Lhardy, F., Lohmann, G., Morozova, P. A., Ohgaito, R., Paul, A., Peltier, W. R., Poulsen, C. J., Quiquet, A., Roche, D. M., Shi, X., Tierney, J. E., Valdes, P. J., Volodin, E., and Zhu, J. (2021) The PMIP4 Last Glacial Maximum experiments: preliminary results and comparison with the PMIP3 simulations. Clim. Past, 17, pp1065–1089, [open access logo]
  • Lhardy, F., Bouttes, N. , Roche, D.M., Abe-Ouchi, A., Chase, Z., Crichton, K.A., Ivanovic, R.F., Jochum, M., Kageyama, M., Kobayashi, H., Menviel, L., Muglia, J., Nuterman, R., Oka, A., Vettoretti, G., Yamamoto, A. (2021) A first intercomparison of the simulated LGM carbon results within PMIP-carbon: role of the ocean boundary conditions. Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology. 36, 1-15, e2021PA004302.[print]
  • Lhardy, F., Bouttes, N., Roche, D. M., Crosta, X., Waelbroeck, C., and Paillard, D. (2021) Impact of Southern Ocean surface conditions on deep ocean circulation at the LGM: a model analysis. Climate of the Past [open access logo]
  • Quiquet, A., Dumas, C., Paillard, D., Ramstein, G., Ritz, C., & Roche, D. M. (2021) Deglacial ice sheet instabilities induced by proglacial lakes. Geophysical Research Letters, 48, e2020GL092141. [print]


  • Li, H., Renssen, H., Roche, D.M. (2020) Modeling climate-vegetation interactions during the last interglacial: The impact of biogeophysical feedbacks in North Africa. Quaternary Science Reviews, 249, pp.106609, [print]
  • Missiaen, L., Menviel, L.C., Meissner, K.J., Roche, D.M., Dutay, J.-C., Bouttes, N., Lhardy, F., Quiquet, A., Pichat, S. and Waelbroeck, C. (2020) Modelling the impact of biogenic particle flux intensity and composition on sedimentary Pa/Th Quaternary Science Reviews 240 106394 [print]
  • Missiaen, L., Bouttes, N., Roche, D.M., Dutay, J.-C., Quiquet, A., Waelbroeck, C., Pichat, S. and Peterschmitt, J.-Y. (2020) Carbon isotopes and Pa / Th response to forced circulation changes: a model perspective Climate of the Past 16, 867-883, [open access logo]
  • Kessler, A. , Bouttes, N., Roche, D.M., Ninnemann, U., Galaasen, E., Tjiputra, J. (2020) Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation and δ13C Variability During the Last Interglacial Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology 35 (5) e2019PA003818 [print]
  • Galaasen, E.V., Ninnemann, U., Kessler, A., Irvalı, N., Rosenthal, Y. et al. (2020) Interglacial instability of North Atlantic Deep Water ventilation Science 367 (6485) 1485-1489 [print]


  • Li, H., Renssen, H., Roche, D.M. and Miller, P. (2019) Modelling the vegetation response to the 8.2 ka bp cooling event in Europe and Northern Africa Journal of Quaternary Science [print]
  • Li, H., Renssen, H. and Roche, D.M. (2019) Global vegetation distribution driving factors in two Dynamic Global Vegetation Models of contrasting complexities Global and Planetary Change 180 51-65 [print]
  • Kitover, D., Renssen, H., van Balen, R., Vandenberghe, J. and Roche, D.M. (2019) Coupling of VAMPERS within iLOVECLIM: experiments during the LGM and Last Deglaciation Journal of Quaternary Science 34 (3) 215-227 [open access logo]


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  • Quiquet, A., Roche, D.M., Dumas, C. and Paillard, D. (2018) Online dynamical downscaling of temperature and precipitation within the iLOVECLIM model (version 1.1) Geoscientific Model Development 11 453-466 [open access logo]
  • Bouttes, N., Swingedouw, D., Roche, D.M., Sanchez-Goni, M., Crosta, X., (2018) Response of the carbon cycle in an intermediate complexity model to the different climate configurations of the last nine interglacials Climate of the Past 14 (2) 239-253 [open access logo]
  • Caley, T., Extier, T., Collins, J. A., Schefuß, E., Dupont, L., Malaizé, B., ... & Giraudeau, J. (2018). A two-million-year-long hydroclimatic context for hominin evolution in southeastern Africa. Nature, 560(7716), 76-79.


  • Collins, J. A., Prange, M., Caley, T., Gimeno, L., Beckmann, B., Mulitza, S., ... and Schefuß, E. (2017) Rapid termination of the African Humid Period triggered by northern high-latitude cooling. Nature communications 8(1) 1-11


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  • Roche, D. and Caley, T. (2013) δ18O water isotope in the iLOVECLIM model (version 1.0) – Part 2: Evaluation of model results against observed δ18O in water samples Geoscientific Model Development 6 1493-1504 [open access logo]
  • Roche, D. (2013) δ18O water isotope in the iLOVECLIM model (version 1.0) – Part 1: Implementation and verification Geoscientific Model Development 6 1481-1491 [open access logo]