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iLOVECLIM users Summer meeting 2023

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Some 50 participants gathered in the EPOC laboratory (UMR CNRS 5805, Environnements et Paléoenvironnements Océaniques et Continentaux) in Bordeaux, France, for a two-day scientific meeting around the iLOVECLIM model. The iLOVECLIM Earth System Model users summer meeting is a recently built tradition that is gaining momentum with a very nice two-day science and technical meeting that was held in Bordeaux June 1st & 2nd under the auspices of the EPOC laboratory, with support from EPOC laboratory, the research department in Environnemental Sciences of the University of Bordeaux, the Observatoire Aquitain des Sciences de l'Univers (OASU) and the research network Origins (Réseau de Recherche Impulsion Origins).

Following a habit that comes from one of the first iLOVECLIM summer meeting, the first day was devoted to a short science conference opened to all interested in the host labs (EPOC, LAB). Program revolved both around what we are doing generally in the iLOVECLIM group and around what our hosts are doing. These allowed us to cover topics from the astronomical theory of climate through climate of exoplanets up to the fate of ocean corals in the future ocean.
Program covered:
  • Opening of the workshop and general introduction – Thibaut Caley & Thomas Extier
  • Climate and astronomy: from historical theories to future perspectives – Didier Paillard
  • The Generic PCM: a 3D climate model to simulate planetary paleoclimate and extrasolar planets climate – Martin Turbet
  • Climate modelling to bridge the gap between paleodata and climate projections – Didier Swingedouw
  • Introduction of climate modelling with iLOVECLIM – Didier Roche
  • The carbon cycle in iLOVECLIM – Nathaelle Bouttes
  • Corals in iLOVECLIM – Nathaelle Bouttes
  • Ice sheet dynamics and ice sheet/climate coupling in iLOVECLIM – Aurélien Quiquet
  • Downscaling in climate models – Didier Roche
  • Vegetation and isotopes in iLOVECLIM – Thomas Extier
  • Analysing time-cumulative human impact on European vegetation using iLOVECLIM and CARAIB – Anhelina Zapolska
The second day was devoted to an internal iLOVECLIM group meeting where we discussed the current developments, strategies and synergies from the different group members and general technical issues.

Participants from back to front:
Third row: Thomas Extier (EPOC, UB) ; Aurélien Quiquet (LSCE, IPSL) ; Frank Arthur (USN) ; Héloïse Barathieu (EPOC, UB) ; Ji-Woong Yang (LSCE, IPSL) ; François Longuet (LSCE, IPSL) ; Tristan Vadsaria (UiT)
Second row: Nathaëlle Bouttes (LSCE, IPSL) ; Thibaut Caley (EPOC, UB) ; Christophe Dumas (LSCE, IPSL) ; Isabeau Bertrix (LSCE, IPSL) ; Louise Abot (LOCEAN, IPSL) ; Dieu Hoang (LSCE, IPSL) ; Anhelina Zapolska (VUAmsterdam) ; Emeline Clermont (EPOC, UB) ; Roxane Delafosse (LSCE, IPSL)
First row: Didier Roche (LSCE, IPSL & VUAmsterdam) ; Didier Paillard (LSCE, IPSL) ; Michel Dobrijevic (LAB, UB) ; Didier Swingedouw (EPOC, IPSL)

All participants appreciated in-depth discussions about the topic presented in a lively (but very warm!) atmosphere, making our stay in Bordeaux a very nice milestone for the iLOVECLIM community. Special thanks also to our local organizers, Thibaut Caley & Thomas Extier.
Let's see us together with sizeable progress forward in the iLOVECLIM summer meeting 2024, set to be in Paris area!

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