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1st iLOVECLIM hackathon

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Come and join the first iLOVECLIM hackathon, to be held at LSCE on October, 3rd, 2024 !

As a first day of our belated iLOVECLIM meeting (October 2nd to 4th at LSCE, Paris area) we will hold the first iLOVECLIM hackathon. The goal is to make some critical evolution in the ocean carbon cycle, to update to more modern language features ... and some community suggestions!
The hackathon is opened to everybody, under the requirement that you have compiled the iLOVECLIM code beforehand (tutorial to be provided) and willing to spend this fun day with us (different groups will be dealing with different difficulty levels options). Free lunch will be provided thanks to the support of IPSL and UPSaclay Graduate School. For Ph.D. students, we have obtained support from the "Ecole Doctorale" and taking part in the hackathon will earn you 1 credit point for your Ph.D.

Do not miss this opportunity to enhance your skills and take part in the wider iLOVECLIM community!

More updates will follow, please fill our registration form

Other questions, please send an email to isabeau.bertrix@lsce.ipsl.fr

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